Cataract Surgery – What to expect the day of surgery

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Cataract Surgery

What to Expect the Day of Your Cataract Surgery

Freedom Vision Surgery Center is located at the corner of Libbit and Ventura on the first floor of the Manufacturer’s Bank Building at 16255 Ventura Blvd, Encino, CA. Freedom Vision does validate parking for only $10.00 (cash).

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All arrival and surgery times will be provided by one of our experienced surgical coordinators.

We ask that you fast prior to your arrival with no food after midnight the day before.

Please take your heart and blood pressure medications with a small amount of water in the morning before surgery.

Upon your arrival to the surgery waiting room, you will be greeted and staff will begin to prepare you for your surgery. You will be given consent forms to review and sign then eye drops will be placed in the operative eye.

You will then proceed to the surgery room and will be asked to put on a gown open in the back. You will also place booties over your shoes and a cap to cover your hair.

You will then be asked to be seated in an easy chair. A nurse will ask you a few questions and check your blood pressure, pulse and temperature. An Anesthesiologist will discuss your medical information and will begin an intravenous line. He or she will then assist you into the operating room. After you’re comfortable, a blood pressure cuff will be placed on your arm, you will be given oxygen and you will be connected to an electrocardiogram monitor. A nurse will rinse around your eye with antiseptic solution and you will receive anesthetic eye drops. Sterile drapes will be placed over you, leaving only your eye exposed.

During your surgery, you will be awake enough to hear the Doctor, his assistants, and nurses talking to you but you will have no pain. You will be surprised to find that the actual surgery itself is a pleasant experience. After your Doctor has completed your procedure, a nurse will then assist you to the recovery area.

Yes, the anesthesiologist will discuss your medical information and begin an intravenous line. He or she will keep you comfortable for the duration of the procedure.

You must see your internist within 30 days prior to your date of surgery for medical clearance.

One day before surgery you are to start all three eye drops to the surgical eye only. 1 drop of each 2 times a day (morning and at bedtime). Then instill one more drop of each the morning of surgery. When instilling the drops, wait 3-5 minutes between each drop.

Some patients may also be a candidate for our new dropless technique to reduce the amount of drops needed after surgery.

  • Wash eyelids 3 days before surgery with lid scrubs or baby shampoo on your eyelid.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Arrange to have a driver on the day of surgery and the day after surgery.
  • Bring all your eye drops and cataract surgical kit with you on the day of surgery.
  • Ladies, please do not wear any makeup to surgery.

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