Oculoplastics in Encino

Oculoplastic surgeons specialize in the surgical and non-surgical treatments of the eyelids, orbit, and tear ducts. Oculoplastic surgeons are board-certified ophthalmologists that have completed an additional two-year subspecialty fellowship. This training focuses on procedures on the eyelids and facial region around the eye, which requires an exquisitely precise and delicate touch.

There are many issues that affect the eyelids, from styes (chalazions), lumps/bumps (eyelid cysts and tumors), to drooping upper eyelids obstructing peripheral vision, and loose lower eyelids leading to tearing. Most of these problems are due to anatomical defects that are correctable with surgical procedures. Eyelid procedures are routinely performed on an outpatient basis, and sometimes can even be done in the office.

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