Wavefront Technology

Using space-age wave-front technology, the focusing system of the eye can now be characterized with incredible detail. This new technology can measure and map focusing errors in an individual’s eye that have never before been detectable. The technology was adapted from astronomers who developed methods of sharpening their view of distant objects by correcting for these types of focusing errors within their telescopes.

Wavefront analysis is performed in ophthalmology by sending hundreds of harmless rays of light through the eye and then detecting those rays as they are reflected back from the retina. By measuring the change in each individual light ray, eye surgeons can create a unique visual “fingerprint” for each patient’s eyes. This visual “fingerprint” is supplied directly to the Excimer laser. The laser uses this information to correct each imperfection with ultimate precision. With this new technology, Dr. Kandavel performs laser vision correction precisely tailored to each patient’s exact visual needs. Clinical studies have demonstrated that this technology makes laser vision correction more precise and improves vision outcomes. A consultation will help to determine if you are a candidate for this amazing technology.

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