All Laser LASIK With Intralase®

All Laser LASIK is now a reality. LASIK surgery involves the formation of a thin flap of tissue through the front portion of the cornea. This flap is lifted, laser treatment is performed, and the flap is then place back over the cornea. Until recently a mechanical device, a keratome, was routinely used to make the LASIK flap. Still used by most LASIK surgeons today, it utilizes a sharp razor-like metal blade to make the corneal flap.

Chart Showing the LASIK Process

The new Intralase Technology allows Dr. Kandavel to perform every step of the laser vision correction procedure including flap formation with laser energy. No blades are used whatsoever. The Intralase laser scans across the cornea and creates a hinged flap which can be gently reflected away. Dr. Kandavel can then reshape the cornea with the Excimer laser using each patient’s personalized wave-front pattern and then reposition the laser created corneal flap. Dr. Kandavel was trained at the Beckman Laser Institute where the Intralase technology was developed. Not all patients may be candidates for this laser technology, and an evaluation will be necessary to determine candidacy.

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