ORA Laser Aberrometer

ORA System

Custom Lens Measurements – Utilizing The ORA Laser System with VerifEye™

During the initial cataract evaluation, measurements are taken in order help our surgeons select the best intraocular lens power for each individual patient. Experience has shown, however, that there can be a small margin of error in precise IOL power selection with pre-operative measurements alone.

The ORA (Optiwave Refractive Analysis) intra-operative aberrometry system is a laser device that provides real-time analysis of the eye during surgery. During the surgery, once the cataract is removed measurements are even more precise. By using the ORA laser with VerifEye™, our doctors are able to re-measure, confirm or adjust IOL power selection during surgery. This helps our surgeons select the best possible IOL power for optimal visual outcomes.

For patients with astigmatism, those who have had prior LASIK or PRK or those who are having a multifocal lens implanted, ORA with VerifEye™ can improve the accuracy to help reduce the need for glasses after your procedure.

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