Light Adjustable Lens

The Colvard-Kandavel Eye Center is proud to be one of the few centers in California to offer Light Adjustable Lens(LAL) by Rx Sight. Candidates for LAL include patients who are undecided about their vision focus they would prefer after cataract surgery. Also, patients who have complex or variable calculations for the lens power needed to give them optimal vision desired post cataract surgery. . Unlike traditional cataract surgery, the LAL now allows patients to have cataract surgery and then “fine-tune” or even change their focus later, without additonal surgery.

Your physician can treat the lens, inside the eye, with a precise laser correction in a simple 5-minute, in-office treatment. This changes the power of the lens, adding a level of precision to cataract surgery never before available. This is a unique technology that is not yet available even at the universities in Los Angeles and represents the dedication of our exclusive center to providing the most cutting-edge technologies.

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