Dear Patients,  

When I joined Dr. Colvard in August of 1994, I was thrilled to have found what I knew to be the perfect place to practice.  Born and bred in the San Fernando Valley, I felt in my heart that I had found my forever position. That strong feeling of being in the right place and practicing with the right people has never wavered over the past 27 years. It has been a joy working with my fellow physicians, our wonderful staff, and most importantly with you, my dear patients.  

As the years have gone by, however, my family has grown up and my husband and I find our children settled in cities far from Los Angeles. We have always been a close family and we miss them dearly. The lockdown associated with Covid-19 has heightened the sense of distance, and this past December, George and I made the momentous decision to move out of state in order to live closer to our children and grandchildren. 

I will truly miss my colleagues at Colvard-Kandavel Eye Center as well as our sweet staff but, most of all; I will miss you.  The good news is that I leave with peace of mind, knowing that you will continue to receive outstanding eye care in our office. 

It is most fortunate that Dr. Justin Dredge joined of our Medical and Surgical Staff in the summer of 2020. Dr. Dredge is a skilled and compassionate physician. In addition to his training and board certification in medical and surgical ophthalmology, he completed an advanced fellowship in the treatment of glaucoma before joining us. We had very high expectations for him and he has exceeded those expectations in every way.  

I have personally observed the quality of care he provides his patients and I have asked Dr. Dredge to accept my patients into his practice. I have the utmost confidence that you will be very fond of him. Even more importantly, I know that he will continue to provide you and your family with the quality of eye care that you have learned to expect in our practice. 

With the greatest appreciation for the trust you have placed in me. 

Lisa Lintz, MD