Orbital Disease

The orbit is the bony space around the eyeball. It encompasses the eyeball, the muscles that move the eye, fat that cushions the eye, the lacrimal (tear) gland, and the bones of the skull that protect the eye.

Common orbital diseases include thyroid eye disease (i.e. Graves’ disease), orbital fractures from trauma, and idiopathic inflammation of the orbital structures (i.e. “orbital pseudotumor”). Often times these problems can be managed conservatively with medications or with no treatment at all. However, not infrequently, surgical intervention is indicated for therapeutic or diagnostic goals.

Dr. Lee is a highly skilled orbital surgeon and has great experience in dealing with orbital diseases. He also is a specialist in reconstruction of the orbit and eye socket related to enucleation (i.e. removal of the eyeball for infection or tumor that occurs inside the eyeball).

Photo of infection of the right orbit (i.e. orbital abscess)

Left Orbial MassOrbital Access

Left orbital mass (lacrimal gland lymphoma) presenting with ptosis

Left Orbital MassOrbital Access