Colvard-Kandavel Eye Center Chosen as the Team Ophthalmologists for the LA GALAXY

The MLS champion Los Angeles Galaxy is a phenomenal group of talented, young players from all over the world. They have won the MLS Cup five times, in 2002, 2005, 2011, 2012, and 2014. Such a high level of performance requires hard work and great skill. We are proud to be able to provide state of the art eye care to the LA Galaxy.

Dr. Kandavel had the opportunity to perform screening eye exams for the team just prior to the start of the official training camp. He states, “They are a great group of people with a wonderful, caring coaching staff and medical team. I wish them the best of luck this season, and we are honored to have the responsibility to make sure their vision is up to the challenge.” Through out the year the players will continue to receive eye care and examinations, and we look forward to another successful run at the championship.