Dry Eye Treatments

We offer the most cutting-edge treatment technologies on the market for dry eye. For years, the only option for patients experiencing dryness has been to supplement their tears with artificial tears and lubricants. Today, we have many more treatments that are targeted at the specific causes of dry eye. We offer counseling regarding the use of artificial tears and lubricants. Our more advanced therapeutic modalities include:

  • Punctal Plugs
    • Temporary and permanent punctal plugs slow the drainage of tears. Plugs are placed in the office. They are inserted in the tear duct opening into the tear duct canal. Temporary plugs resorb over a period of time. This can assist patients who suffer from evaporative dry eye and aqueous insufficiency.
  • Restasis
    • Restasis (topical cyclosporine 0.05%) is a FDA-approved prescription medication eye drop that is used in cases of chronic dry eye to enhance tear production, combat inflammation at the ocular surface, and provide relief from dry eye symptoms.
  • Xiidra
    • Xiidra (lifitegrast) is a FDA-approved prescription medication also used in cases of dry eye. It can have anti-inflammatory effects that reduce symptoms associated with dry eye.
  • Autologous Serum Tears
    • Human tears contain many ingredients, including growth factors, antimicrobials, and nutrients. These are not found in artificial tear supplements. In cases of more advanced dry eye, patients may benefit from the use of autologous serum tears. These are specially prepared artificial tears derived from patients’ own blood serum. We work with nearby compounding pharmacies to allow access to this technology.
  • Amniotic Membrane Grafting
    • Biotissues made from amniotic membrane tissue, which is derived from the inner layer of the placenta, have several restorative and regenerative properties that are beneficial to the ocular surface. In cases of severe dry eye, we can place amniotic membrane on the surface to promote healing and comfort.
  • Scleral & PROSE Lens Consultation
    • Specialty contact lenses designed specifically to restore a healthy ocular surface environment can be beneficial in cases of advanced dry eye and ocular surface disease. The BostonSight PROSE lens can reduce dry eye symptoms, promote ocular surface healing, improve vision, and protect the cornea from the external environment and eyelid friction. We work with local specialists trained in the fitting of these contact lenses to coordinate consultations.

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