Dry Eye Consultation

At your visit, you will complete a dry eye questionnaire that highlights the severity of the symptoms you are experiencing and their impact on your lifestyle and daily function. If the responses to this questionnaire indicate symptoms that are beyond mild, we proceed with a series of tests to provide information about different factors involved in dry eye. These include measurements of tear concentration, the presence of the MMP-9 inflammatory marker, ocular surface examination, and LipiView infrared imaging to examine the meibomian glands along the eyelids, lipid levels in the tears, and blink rate.

The Tearlab device allows us to measure the concentration of your tears. Patients with dry eye often will have more highly concentrated tears. This measure is helpful both for diagnosis and monitoring.

The InflammaDry detects the presence of the MMP-9 marker in the tears. This is an inflammatory marker that is present in patients whose dry eye may benefit from anti-inflammatory treatment.

The LipiView imaging unit allows us to assess for the presence of meibomian gland dysfunction and ocular surface dryness related to inadequate lipid levels in the tears.

Following the examination, Dr. Bala will discuss the results of all tests performed and relevant treatments tailored to the individual to address their symptoms.

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