Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic oculoplastic surgery is performed to reshape normal structures of the eye in order to enhance appearance and youthfulness, diminish signs of aging, and increase self-confidence. Rejuvenation of the eyes can lighten and refresh the entire face.

Dr. Lee is board-certified as both an ophthalmologist and an oculoplastic surgeon. He has received the highest training in eye plastic surgery, moreso than any other plastic or cosmetic surgery subspecialty. Just as you would expect a heart surgeon to perform your bypass surgery, or an orthopedic surgeon to do your hip replacement, you should expect an oculoplastic surgeon to perform your eyelid surgery.

Dr. Lee performs Botox and dermal fillers around the eyes and face, upper and lower eyelid lifts (i.e. blepharoplasty), Asian double-fold eyelid surgerybrow and forehead rejuvenation, and midface lifts.

For more information and a video tutorial on Botox please click on the instructional video below.

For more information and a video tutorial on blepharoplasty please click on the instructional video below.

Everyone has different reasons for choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery. It is good to define your reasons for yourself before you choose a surgeon, which can make your choice easier. Develop reasonable expectations for how the surgery can affect your life and well-being. Commit to the idea that a quality outcome will take time and effort on your part. This includes not smoking, eating right, and getting enough sleep. Actively and fully participate in the time leading up to your surgery and the personal demands of aftercare. Preparing yourself in this way, you will help us to provide you with the best cosmetic experience possible, both physically and emotionally.