Catching Glaucoma Early

Recent Technology Makes it Possible to Monitor the Optic Nerve and Stay One Step Ahead of Glaucoma

Early detection and careful management is the best defense against permanent loss of vision from glaucoma. Fortunately, it is now possible to detect evidence of glaucoma related damage to the eye earlier and more accurately than ever before.

The OCT(Optical Coherence Tomographer), pioneered by Zeiss engineering, uses a scanning laser ophthalmoscope to create an accurate, detailed, three-dimensional “picture” of the optic nerve and surrounding structures. This digital image can be analyzed to determine if any abnormality exists or it can be compared to previous images of the same patient to see if there is any change in the patient’s status.

The OCT can detect early optic nerve damage years before it may become apparent on a visual field test. In some instances, the OCT can also be used on subsequent visits to follow and monitor glaucoma instead of repeated visual fields. The OCT test takes only a few minutes to perform and is an easier and more pleasant experience than the standard visual field evaluation.